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Deluge | StoryPoem | Light-Years in the Dark


hectic steps to no music

splattering sounds of a dancer

gone mad against the cement.

the sky falling fast

cascading thoughts erratic

glistening constellations

rippling the sidewalk.

news flashing a flood of visions

inside devises raining hard reality.

trees vanishing outside

above the abundant parking meter

monuments anchored in place

raised to commemorate the masts

of sunken ships.

no need to believe any of this

but this wooden vessel in a storm

once washed aground drowning

in a wreckage of tar-fueled cement.

an original venture aborted

still born into a restaurant.

passengers stranded at bar stools

drinks in hand harboring insatiable appetites.

the crew cursing up and down

carpeted ramps unable to stop serving.

the captain shouting commands

but looking as lost and guideless

as an outdated map.

flat concepts & serpent worries

no treasures discovered lately

to balance the budget.

a problem for a prophet

going to extremes

to find a reason why.

sirens screaming in my ears

same haunting tune

hard to think we are all prisoners

right off the freeway.

someone told me no good scripts

left to direct us out even

with all the signals signs arrows lines

hieroglyphic graffiti

indicating what?

each mind an indecipherable galaxy

each body a planet to explore

each soul a lonely tenant in a tenement

destined to collapse and be

nevermore therefore

do we stop believing

this existence we are constructing

wiser than insect architecture

held together by sheer will

will guide us like a north star

to any new destination

better loved and understood

than a sphinx


photo-art design by todd crawshaw

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