Novel Themes

Exploits of the Satyr. The divine essence of human existence is love and compassion, an ineffable quality incomprehensible to the emergence and conflict that arises from an artificial intelligence (AI) power-greedy entity.

Heretofore. Seen through the eyes of a child who has mysteriously fallen to earth from the sky, anthropomorphic characters provide life lessons for her journey to find a place called home.

God, Sex & Psychosis. What is the mental and spiritual path to recovery, revenge, love, and redemption for children coping with sexual trauma, resulting in dissociative identity disorder, fracturing the mind into multiple personalities?

Portrait of a Rainbow as a Young Man. During a snow flurry, a girl gives a blanket to a homeless man living on the streets, a simple gift that saves both their lives. *

The Center’s Edge Revisited. The outside limit of a destination farthest away from the center and yet inexplicably the same place is a paradox, such as the universe as a spiral, incorporating repetitive human behavior historically.

Goddess: Son of Medusa. A timely and timeless otherworldly tale illustrating the metaphoric significance behind the myth of Medusa for the reality of powerful women living within the norms of a patriarchal society.

* “Not all gifts are wrapped in a box. Some gifts are just being present. Being there when it matters.”
— Portrait of a Rainbow as a Young Man