Exploits of the Satyr: Synopsis

Exploits of the Satyr Cover

John Lazard Slater III, known simply as John, or Slater (or Satyr to his fans and foes, once upon a time), crash-lands after falling from the sky onto a freeway overpass. Thus ends, and begins, a biographical tale about mental, physical and spiritual seduction. The tragic and comic chronicles of a man who belatedly discovers he was procreated by members of a cult, marrying genetic technology with ancient artifacts, to initiate the Second Coming of Christ.

Multiple sources inspired this novel, but three artistic forces sparked the genesis: Jim Morrison and music of The Doors; the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey; and the novel Slaughterhouse-Five (aka The Children’s Crusade) by Kurt Vonnegut. If you can concurrently balance in your mind these three multimedia achievements without going insane, you will comprehend the gist of my enterprise.

Imagine a fast-forward-reverse-pause world where the past and the future intermingle with present consciousness. And a bio-computer with DNA-based intelligence evolves to infiltrate global communication networks, becoming Earth’s central nervous system. Disillusioned with humanity, its innocence lost, this entity turns cynical, megalomaniacal, shamelessly vain and salacious, wanting more. Specifically desiring what it cannot comprehend: love and the clairvoyant mind of Slater.

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