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Portrait of a Rainbow as a Young Man

“Sat down & couldn’t get back up till it was done. I LOVE this story! I love the mystery, the morality, the tragedy, all the different forms of love it presents. It is so uplifting — just what I personally need right now, in this world we’re stuck in. What a relief to read something so real (Paradise, the wars, bullying, illness, death, loss, reuniting with lost loved ones, decent basic humanity, and fractals!!), yet so uplifting. It gave me hope because human kindness costs NOTHING and is so easy to give.”

“I really did not want this story to end. It has a type of fairy tale of modern day Lord of the Rings sense to it where you are living the characters. It all neatly and delicately came together like an Aesop fable.” 

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God, Sex & Psychosis

“Fasten your seatbelt and be prepared for a Hitchcock-like roller coaster ride with this psychological thriller!”

“The book is a thriller on many levels,while opening us up to questions about who we really are and what we really know, about ourselves, those we love, and the universe around us.”

“Your book is freakin’ amazing – seriously. I could not put it down – even when I should have been fixing Thanksgiving dinner.” — Kate Johnston, Senior Staff Counsel, Dept. of Social Services, Legal Division/Enforcement, State of California

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“Heretofore by Todd Crawshaw is a new American classic. It is a book you will want to have close at hand in your library to reread passages or to quote passages to friends.”

“Witty and warm, imaginative and thoughtful, adventurous and colorful, Crawshaw has written a genre-buster of a novel that crosses generations, as well.”

“This isn’t your grandparents Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of OZ. The enchanted world Todd Crawshaw has created contains much more depth and texture, populated by a diverse cast of distinct characters.”

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Exploits of the Satyr

“Few books blow my mind these days but this one did. With caustic humor, sharp wit, memorable characters, and a fine ear for terrific dialogue, Crawshaw has created a novel that is provocative, poignant, and truly haunting.”

“Crawshaw is a sensitive wordsmith: every word counts — every sentence is balanced or, when left hanging, hangs out there for some reason.”

“Crawshaw has woven a tale that moves through time with no boundaries and only hints at signposts which may, or may not, be there at all.”

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Light-Years in the Dark

“Loved this book! The story poems Crawshaw conjures up in this book are more than short stories. They are almost mini-movies…”

“His book begins with a quotation from Virginia Woolf, who defines his medium well: Crawshaw here is working in not novels or epics or elegies but, more telling at times and far more memorable, ‘little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark’”.

“Great concept and execution makes it fun to read, straight through or a little bit at a time.”

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