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  • Disinformation


    “When blue skies turn green from lies spoken repeatedly to propagandize and politicize, then thoughts unwise turn poisonous, warping what one doth sees,thus rotting the mind’s ability to reason and discern the truth from the disease.“ — Excerpt from the play AMULET by Todd Crawshaw

  • A Writer’s Story, Abridged

    A Writer’s Story, Abridged

    From September 2009 to November 2021, I published eight books of fiction: five novels, a collection of poems/stories, and two screenplays. It was a productive time before and during those 12 years.  In 1971, at age 22, upon graduating from college, I started writing my first novel. The working title was The Center’s Edge. During…

  • 3 Tips for Writing Novels

    3 Tips for Writing Novels

    1) Ask yourself: Why am I writing this novel? To quote Robertson Davies: “There is absolutely no point in sitting down to write a book unless you feel that you must write that book, or else go mad, or die.” An extreme statement, but that is the passion I feel when I embark on writing…

  • Rumors


    The lines of our love touch like the delicate threads of a web. The ends are intertwined and attached to a solid substance unseen and unknown. This is our belief. The surface we live on is tenuous as ice, fragile as glass, and exposing. We move gently over the mirrored images, watching our reflections, careful…

  • Gallery


    We are voyeurs moving like spirits through a gallery of images. If we never saw our image in a mirror, a pool of water, or a pane of glass, what would we imagine ourself to be? Someday an exhibit. If you create it, they will come. Well, not necessarily. But, for now, all the Light-Years…

  • Muse


    In a cloud of feathers, she spreads down on me. Her presence is soft. My body is hard. I voice my feelings in reds, emote yellows, and tell her dreams of gold. She whispers back in blues to soothe my soul. As she lets me in with a silver sigh, we become a spectral blend…

  • Abandoned


    An armful of love abandoned on the sidewalk like garbage, the same bundle we held precious, soft and sacred as a baby. Memories consumed and discarded like empty cans and boxes, spoiled fruit and vegetables, of no use to anyone. The air smells foul, reminiscent of wasted words and futile attempts. Flies circle and land…

  • Crown


    I wish to be king no more. My crown of thorns I renounce. Removed, the shackles of a name, fortune and fame. My kingdom come. Thy will be done. Dissolving in the rain. Castles made of sand. Swallowed by the sea. A naked man. Free to be. Eternity. Again. photo-art design by todd crawshaw

  • Quest


    Everything was changing. Nothing remained the same. Space had expanded, yet merely rearranged. Time was stretching far too fast and waiting now to snap. If found there is no answer, can the quest be taken back? photo-art design by todd crawshaw

  • Gift


    Like a special gift arriving on an unexpected day, is our life and love for each other. photo-art design by todd crawshaw