Tag: storypoem

  • Quest


    Everything was changing. Nothing remained the same. Space had expanded, yet merely rearranged. Time was stretching far too fast and waiting now to snap. If found there is no answer, can the quest be taken back? photo-art design by todd crawshaw

  • Gift


    Like a special gift arriving on an unexpected day, is our life and love for each other. photo-art design by todd crawshaw

  • Serpents


    The sea of serpents is gone, along with the edge of the earth and its last waterfall that has taken us beyond. So where are we now? Farther than we were before? Traveling toward a flaming night sky dissolving into an ocean of dreams. Dragons still lurking in the blind eye. Vines hanging from the…

  • Déluge


    hectic steps to no music splattering sounds of a dancer gone mad against the cement. the sky falling fast cascading thoughts erratic glistening constellations rippling the sidewalk. news flashing a flood of visions inside devises raining hard reality. trees vanishing outside above the abundant parking meter monuments anchored in place raised to commemorate the masts of…

  • Blame


    Three men sat at a table to analytically dissect the reasons for their lives going to hell. After numerous drinks and several helpings of the house specialty of lamb they found many people to recriminate besides themselves. And when asked to leave because of their boisterous conduct they blamed the waiter and unanimously agreed not…

  • Attributes


    She was a woman of incomplete mind. She formed her thoughts then her words with deliberate care. The skill of communicating with a precise formula of letters and sounds did not come easy. By the age of thirty-six she had turned this detriment into an attribute and had become a talk show host married to…

  • Dementia


    What he wanted most was to save lives but in the end he could not even save his own. People arrived with their tattered minds and troubled dreams and he gave them hope. Inspiration found in stories, age-old remedies designed to repair the damage over time. Compassionately he cried, unable to maintain a professional distance.…

  • Circus


    We are not living in a circus. You are not the clown, nor am I the juggler. Agreed, you make me laugh – hysterically – and I amuse you with my high wire stunts. But we are not professionals. If we were, you wouldn’t have left me crying midway through the act. And I wouldn’t…

  • Changed


    Autumn leaves had flamed into colors when she changed into a squirrel. She skittered up a tree and chattered at birds. Racing along a power line she swished her tail for balance. Clouds, white as rabbits, chased her from above. She escaped from the rain inside a treehouse. She made a nest out of her…

  • History


    Spitballs hit the blackboard just inches from his head. He whirled around to face his classroom, too late to catch anyone in this mutinous act. It irked him to know he lacked the respect of his students. They made no effort to hide their mirth. Two nights ago he had been held up at gunpoint, robbed…