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LIABILITY (screenplay)

Cori Videri dies at age eighteen, purportedly, while participating in a research project to study brain functionality and the paranormal. Following her funeral, this government-funded program is shut down. Nine years later, Cori reemerges amid a CIA covert operation, acting as the liaison, to entrap an international terrorist who plans to initiate a global pandemic by releasing a deadly pathogen. The operation goes awry. Agents are blindsided and killed, along with Cori’s co-conspirator and lover. She is left traumatized, injured from a blow to her head, and in possession of a biochemical device. Fearing retribution from the terrorist group she betrayed, she escapes in a stolen vehicle to a remote location in the Sierra Mountains, in search of a haven. With dangerous tendencies and suffering from amnesia, Cori is either a beguiling heroine or villain –  an enigma even to herself.  

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