Tag: poem

  • Gallery


    We are voyeurs moving like spirits through a gallery of images. If we never saw our image in a mirror, a pool of water, or a pane of glass, what would we imagine ourself to be? Someday an exhibit. If you create it, they will come. Well, not necessarily. But, for now, all the Light-Years…

  • Quest


    Everything was changing. Nothing remained the same. Space had expanded, yet merely rearranged. Time was stretching far too fast and waiting now to snap. If found there is no answer, can the quest be taken back? photo-art design by todd crawshaw

  • Gift


    Like a special gift arriving on an unexpected day, is our life and love for each other. photo-art design by todd crawshaw

  • Nightlife


    The dead are drugged, dragged outside, and left unburied. The murderers have gone behind the trees for a smoke. The air is a choking haze. The sky should be black but it is not. The moon is full, a jaundiced yellow. I feel sick. How did I get here? This is a mistake. I don’t…

  • Serpents


    The sea of serpents is gone, along with the edge of the earth and its last waterfall that has taken us beyond. So where are we now? Farther than we were before? Traveling toward a flaming night sky dissolving into an ocean of dreams. Dragons still lurking in the blind eye. Vines hanging from the…

  • Falling


    She was falling to her death like the earth into the sun, slowly and relative to nothing that mattered anymore. So she accepted the stranger’s offer to buy her a drink without bothering to turn and see who this new Patron Saint of Alcohol was. The offer had been conveyed to her by the bartender…

  • Therapy


    For three years he remained her patient, coming to her plush office, lying on her leather couch, and exposing his phobias – fears of acquiring then losing everything he owned. There was much to lose. He had property around the world – estates, vacation homes, villas, even a castle. The numerous companies he presided over…

  • Fear


    Life’s a high-wire act, said a man seated across the table from me. His eyes were mesmerizing, intense like a bird of prey. The trick, he added, is to not look down. As if calculating our thoughts, he smiled before confessing, This is not to say I’ve never slipped from the proverbial wire. No! In…

  • Zoo


    An hour before the gates opened to the public the human couple were locked in their cage between the leopards and the orangutans. Their meals were prepared at scheduled times, served to them on plates, the food consumed while curious onlookers gathered outside their bars. The couple stared back, curious too. As a rule they…

  • Heroics


    From pop-up books to electric trains to video games, he dismantled all his toys. Within days after flirting with the notion of play, he divided each item, strewn in pieces across the floor, decomposed to nuts, screws, and micro chips. Neither his father nor mother could comprehend their son’s destructive nature. As he grew, he…