Month: April 2018

  • Writers


    How I came to love books and became a writer is somewhat of a mystery to me. When I was young, I do not recall having any favorite books. I read very little. Not even comic books. My older brother, unlike me, devoured books, including the fifteen-book series of the Wizard of Oz and countless…

  • Once


    Inside a grove of trees, he found himself wandering down a hallway of fenestrated light through a library of dreams which led to a door called once upon a time. photo-art design by todd crawshaw

  • Falling


    She was falling to her death like the earth into the sun, slowly and relative to nothing that mattered anymore. So she accepted the stranger’s offer to buy her a drink without bothering to turn and see who this new Patron Saint of Alcohol was. The offer had been conveyed to her by the bartender…