Month: April 2015

  • Spirits


    Chrysalis was the name she bequeathed upon herself, a talented and troubled woman haunted by spirits. She feared their presence and hoped her entourage might provide some security.  They accompanied her in limousines, opening doors, carrying bags, and living in her estate.  They sat at her long table and dined with her as she ate,…

  • Angels


    Angels are with us, said a woman seated beside me on a plane. I smiled politely and went back to my reading. People often claim not to believe in angels, she went on. What do you think is keeping us from falling from the sky? I shrugged, less of a smile this time, wondering if…

  • Stars


    He fought to climb the ice walls into darkness and touch the stars. He fell back, hands burned, eyes blinded, and cried —Why?  The crowd rejoiced at his success.  No, a failure, he insisted, but was denied. Excerpt from Light-Years in the Dark: StoryPoems (see more) photo-art design by todd crawshaw

  • Danced


    There was a woman who danced herself to death and no one knew why. A crowd gathered to witness her collapse. They stared at her lifeless body until a man dressed in black took it upon himself to bury her. People stood at her grave site confused by the void in their lives left by…

  • Seduced


    A naked woman was arranging sea shells in the sand. I stopped to ask her what she was doing. Changing, she told me, without looking up. Her hair was long and tangled. In the twilight her skin sparkled with a veneer of salt and silica. Her intricate designs were beautiful but appeared to have no…