Month: February 2016

  • Changed


    Autumn leaves had flamed into colors when she changed into a squirrel. She skittered up a tree and chattered at birds. Racing along a power line she swished her tail for balance. Clouds, white as rabbits, chased her from above. She escaped from the rain inside a treehouse. She made a nest out of her…

  • History


    Spitballs hit the blackboard just inches from his head. He whirled around to face his classroom, too late to catch anyone in this mutinous act. It irked him to know he lacked the respect of his students. They made no effort to hide their mirth. Two nights ago he had been held up at gunpoint, robbed…

  • Essence


    She was searching for the essence of her self. In the books she read. In the people she met. The men she loved. The work she created. She wanted the stories to be real. Each mind to be interesting. The effort to be worthwhile. The trust to be reciprocal. Yet she revealed herself too soon.…