Month: July 2015

  • Rainstorm


    She walked into a rainstorm of cobalt blue. Viridian green. Aquas. Emeralds. The colors fell around her with each brush stroke, spattering her clothes, her hair, the ground. She reached into the sky and brought down a shower of wetness with her fingertips. She fell in love with the droplets as they shimmered, trickling off…

  • Mask


    In a remote mountain village lived a man who wore a mask. The residents of this town regarded the new arrival as a pitiful curiosity since it was assumed by all that he was hiding some hideous deformity. He stayed inside his cabin, venturing out only to purchase provisions or for solitary walks at night.…

  • Timing


    At the subway station a man was talking to himself about the inaccuracy of time relative to his inability to do what he wanted to do and be where he needed to be in order to meet his deadlines. He had overslept. His alarm clock failing once again to do its job. His office assistants…