Centers_Edge | Novel | Todd Crawshaw

The Center’s Edge

My first attempt at a novel, written between 1972-1975, was about time travel and reincarnation. Copyrighted but never published. I concluded the book was not ready for prime time. After forty years, I am in the process of, once again, researching and rewriting this book. An upgraded version (2.0) of the story with the original title: The Center’s Edge. The novel chronicles the lives of a Cain and Able conflict between two main characters, and supporting ones, who are reincarnated through four periods of time. Part 1: The Dawn of Civilization. Part 2: The Rise of the Roman Empire. Part 3: The Fall of the United States Empire. Part 4: The Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life. During each period these souls, their gender in flux, are reunited, drawn to one another, vaguely aware they are connected in some inexplicable way. Each encounter, because of time, changes them as they evolve toward a resolution. An acceptance. The primary question posed: Do we choose to be born or is it chosen for us? Is there a reason why we are here? Or is our existence simply a fluke?