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A Family Portrait

The idea behind this drawing was to capture a multitude of personality types. People often remind me of animals or some anomaly. In collective groups – the workplace, families – differences arise and these personalities abound. Then again, perhaps this is basically a self-portrait. Recognize anyone?

click on image for a larger view
  • Illustration: pen and ink
  • Size: 16" x 11.25"
  • Print: Lithography
  • Stock: Sonata Vellum, Nat.80# cover
  • Cost: $36 dollars + shipping cost*
  • Shipped in a mailing tube
  • *email me with destination (country, city and zip)
    and I will calculate shipping cost and email you back
    with total cost.
  • Send checks to:
  • Todd Crawshaw
  • 120 Bayview Drive
  • San Rafael, CA 94901