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Questions | frequently asked

Q: Why do we exist?
A: Nobody knows. Those who say they know do not. To be human is to ask questions and to wonder. Thus, to theorize. Elaborate time-honored formulas of belief (all based on speculation, some good, some bad) have brought us to where we are today – and not far from where we were yesterday and will likely be tomorrow. Still wondering and consciously aware we are something as opposed to nothing. If we knew the answer to this question, we might cease to exist. It's a guess.
Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: Read Exploits of the Satyr for a convoluted analysis on the subject and some glimmers of insight, consternation, and poetic ambiguity. For one brief interpretation, refer to page 274.
Q: Is there a God?
A: There is. That is my belief. Not a certainty. It is called having faith. It is also my belief that if all forms of religion, for the believers as well as non-believers on this subject of God, accepted that we are all essentially agnostic Christians, or agnostic Jews, or agnostic Muslims, or agnostic Buddhists, or agnostic atheists, and so on, we would create more peace on Earth and prevent further wars from occurring over these various belief systems. There is no human being, or an established group of us, who controls the market on faith and belief. Not until we die (and are reborn, or return to the light, or to nothingness) will we – each of us, individually – know who was right and who wasn't. Or maybe not. We might receive what we imagine we deserve. So make it good.
Q: Do you think death is the final chapter?
A: Death is overrated. Nothing is final
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